Flooring that's Easy to Install

Steller traditional looks and custom stains come in wide-plank, solid American hardwoods with patented installation and repair and no nails or glue. 

See our basic installation steps here! 

Installation Steps

1. Attach clip to one side of the board. If it is the first board, attach clip to both sides.

2. Align the first board along the second board. Use a 3 inch clip overhang where possible (not shown).

3. Place weight on the existing board, and use a soft mallet to rapidly snap another board in place.

4. Install the next board using the same techniques.

Easy Removal Methods

a. Attach suction cup to the surface of an edge board and tilt to lift  boards in a series.

b. Attach suction cup to the end of a single board and pull rapidly to lift it alone.

Flooring has never been so easy to install or remove. 


Two utility patents describe flooring assembly systems: US9441379B2 and US10006211B2

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