125 sqft of 6" wide Steller Hardwood Flooring in red oak with clear polyurethane finish, sealed on all sides, shipped with assembly clips and rubber gasket, plus installation tools and sample of sealant for fresh cut ends. Clear polyeurethane finish. Shipping calculated in the cart and flooring usually ships in 4-6 weeks.Ask about volume discounts for orders over 1,000 sqft! 1-800-955-7671

Red Oak Flooring (125 sqft bundles)

  • Solid flooring planks in red oak are 3/4" inches thick, 6" wide and between 2 and 4' long (average above 3'), and they are sourced using the highest quality lumber from Pennsylvania and New York. These boards can be easily removed and sent out for refinishing, or they can be resold several times during their lifetime. In addition, you can easily remove the floor in the face of looming threats, like natural disasters, and re-install the floor once the danger has passed. Even better, you can instantly repair small damage, like scratches or spills, using a simple glass suction cup. 

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