The Hidden Costs of Hardwood Flooring: Refinishing

We started a series giving you guys tips for your next flooring installation, and now we want to branch out into the hidden costs of hardwood flooring. The biggest of which is refinishing.

Hardwood is a material made of soft fibers in comparison to tile or laminate, with this "softness" varying according to the species you choose. Regardless, this means that the wood is subject to wear over time. Normal wear from day to day use is often ignored by homeowners for as long as possible while they become increasingly discontent with the appearance of their floor. And sometimes a large scratch, water damage, or other unexpected occurrence forces them to seek out a refinishing quote much sooner than they were planning.

Many years of wear on a high traffic area. This is a typical representation of what a floor may look like by the time homeowners decide to refinish.

The thing they often don't know before getting a quote, is that to refinish a traditional hardwood floor, you have to get a quote for at least the room the damage is in, and often the entire floor on that level will need to be re-done. This turns the small cost of repairing the individually damaged boards into the very

large cost of repairing the whole space--and you have to move everything out and deal with the dust on top of that.

The pain that homeowners go through with the traditional refinishing process was actually one of the primary driving factors behind the invention of Steller Flooring. Evan and Lee have worked as hardwood flooring consults for many years and have seen many instances in which a small accident (or other flooring issue) turned into an expensive and time consuming project very quickly. This is why Steller Floors are designed to support the natural behavior of the wood (minimizing the need to refinish) and have the added advantage of being removable by board, so you can refinish small areas outside of the home or contact us for replacements!

If you're thinking about a future flooring project and are curious about what the re-finishing cost would be like for you, Home Advisor has a great tool to search for professional quotes in your area, but we typically tell our customers to expect approximately $5 per square foot if you can't find a reference online.

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