The Board List. Just one more thing you get with an order from us!

So... what is the Board List? And why should you care?

To explain, let me take a step back to tell you about what you normally get from a hardwood flooring company. Normally, you will be sent a bunch of boxes on a pallet with random-length boards in them (including some very short and some long boards), some which you will then need to cut down to size for installation. Whether you or your contractor is doing this, it's going to take time and a decent amount of mental overhead to get done properly.

What we send you is pallets of boards (depending on your order size) that comply with the American Hardwood Association's standard of an average of at least 3 ft in board length, and our boards are a max of 4 ft long because they tend to be much better behaved than the long guys (more info on that here). We record the board lengths as we pack them on your pallets so you know exactly how many of each length you have in advance. This means that you can plan the layout of your floor before ever taking a board out of the crate, and cutting boards will only be necessary at walls and around corners. And in addition to that, our precision end trimming means that you won't have a noticeable gap between butt-ends, making your boards look even longer than they are.

You're probably wondering now why we go through the trouble of doing all this. The answer is simple. We care an enormous amount about our customers want only the best for your flooring experience! Get in touch if you have questions about what else comes with a Steller order.

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