PureColor. Stains we feel great about.

Want to know a secret? We were never planning to stain or finish in-house. But we realized pretty quickly, that by not staining in our facility we were introducing too many unknowns into our process. We keep a tightly climate controlled environment from the moment a board enters our shop to the moment it leaves, and sending out boards that we wouldn't be able to quality check after they'd been finished wasn't going to work. Plus, if we stained ourselves, we would be able to cut our costs and pass those savings on to you.

So we had to do our research. To find a stain company with beautiful options available that also fit with our values. PureColor is that company.

PureColor stains are water-based with low VOC (volatile organic compounds, i.e. not great for breathing!) emissions, protecting both our environment and our employees--pretty much our two favorite things. Additionally, PureColor's founder Shannon has worked with us to help us learn how to mix custom colors from her range of gorgeous options. Check out our first custom stain collection, Forest Glen, and get excited for more to come!

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