Unique and Wonderful: Steller Ash Flooring!

Ash is an incredibly unique and interesting North American hardwood species. You may already know that many baseball bats and tool handles are made out of ash because of its hardness and shock resistance (Ash is between Red Oak and Hard Maple on the Janka Hardness Scale). But you might not have realized that Ash floors are some of the most beautiful light-colored floors that you can find in North America.

Plus, Ash floors are exceptionally special at this very moment, because Ash trees are under threat from a pest species that kills standing trees. For that reason, many harvesters are pulling trees out of the woods before they're affected by the pest. In ten years, it will be quite rare to have a whole hardwood floor made from Ash!

Check out our photo gallery here to see our offerings, and check out our offers on 5" wide planks--a steal for such a beautiful, historical material with unique and easy installation and removal!

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