Maple - The Energy Booster

More important than any other aspect of your home, is the way the space makes you feel.

When you think of maple, you probably have flashbacks to your days court-side to a maple basketball court in high school--and all the accompanying feelings of being a teenager. Fortunately, this memory is nothing like the experience of our Maple in your home. The thick, protective finish on a basketball court distorts Maple’s true hue and silkiness and tends to yellow over time giving you that "school days" sensation. This effect is further pronounced by the bright fluorescent lighting and absence of natural light often used in these spaces.

In your home, maple creates the foundation for a space that is overall energetic, because its reflective, pearlescent quality. And while a space full of energy is a wonderful thing, you may now have the question, what if I want to tone it down? To help answer this question, we've photographed maple for you in two different lighting conditions in the home:

Natural light on a sunny day + Warm fluorescent lights

This photo was taken in a space filled with both natural, sunny light and warm fluorescent lighting to bring out the energy and warmth of the wood grain. If you wanted your maple to feel even warmer, you could filter the light coming in through your windows with a sheer, warm shade and use warm lightbulbs throughout your home. In the evening, this maple would feel very warm and cozy under those lights.

To cool and brighten maple during the day, allow as much natural light into the room as possible, and trade out your warm lights for cooler ones (usually labelled with a "Daylight" rating).

Natural light on a cloudy day

Continuing with the theme of cooling your maple floor to relax, this photo was taken on a cloudy day with no additional lighting in the space. This zen feeling could also be achieved by filtering bright light coming in through your windows with a semi-opaque shade. To maintain this feel into the evening, make sure you're using those Daylight bulbs.

However, if you'd prefer a warmer feel at night, follow the above advice for warm light sources placed throughout the home, and simply leave them turned off during the day while allowing natural light in.

To give you a better taste of what living with Maple would feel like, we've included a gallery here of different maple boards and the types of natural variation you could expect from this energetic, sturdy species (which, yes, is great for kids, dogs, and stilettos).

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