Interior Design... Does it scare you?

In our recent blog post, we discussed how to decide on a wood species based on your durability needs in your home. However, once you've chosen that species based on its hardness, you may or may not be in love with the color and "style" of it. Should you give up on your wood of choice? Definitely not! We're here to help you think through the next step of your hardwood flooring decision.

We're not going to lie. Interior design scares us. Which isn't to say that we don't absolutely love interior designers and their ability to create a cohesive space in your home, because we definitely do! What scares us is the type of information you find when you give interior design styles a google. HGTV defines 20 of the interior design styles that you "should know." Not only is it nearly impossible to make a decision given 20 options, but these definitions focus heavily on the history of the style.

This means that unless you have a very specific historical or cultural vision of the space you want to live in, you're going to struggle to interpret this information in a meaningful way.

There is an alternative way to think: what if your space can simply make you feel amazing? That "amazing" means something different to everyone. Maybe your vision is of a space that's bright and energetic feeling, like clear finish Maple. Or maybe you know you want to live in the middle of a space that feels like it's connected to nature or the beach--whichever is your happy place. You personally can choose the "feeling" you're looking for in your space, and once you do, we will work with you to create the solid hardwood flooring that will make you feel amazing.

Check out our first two collections and get excited for more to come!

True Wood: Our True-to-the-Wood Collection has no stain and simply reveals the true beauty of the wood. With semi-gloss or satin polyurethane finishes, these looks make a bold, authentic statement.

Forest Glen: A tribute to our cherished wooded areas in Pennsylvania, the Steller Forest Glen Collection brings nature's jewel tones to your interior space. These looks highlight natural grain patterns and add both warm and cool tones in both semi-gloss or satin polyurethane finishes.

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