Humidity for you & your hardwoods

It may be hard to believe at first, but your body and your hardwood flooring share something in common--a preference for certain climates! Both humans and hardwoods respond poorly to conditions that are too dry or too damp because we are made of biological materials that respond to water. In many areas of North America, winter cold air generally means lower humidity, and humidification becomes important for both your hardwood flooring and for your health.

Steller Solid Hardwood Flooring is guarded from rapid changes due to liquid moisture thanks to many sealants (which can protect the flooring in the event of a spill or flood), however virtually no wood product is truly "water-proof" and most, if not all wood products will gradually shift to meet the environment in which they are positioned. Flooring with symptoms of an environment that is too dry have boards that change shape over the course of several days or weeks, or boards that begin to make noises when you walk on them. You might even notice that is is getting dry before your flooring responds if your sinuses get very dry or you have an increased susceptibility to colds!

Luckily, if you catch these changes due to dry environments early, these symptoms are easily reversed by adding moisture to the air using a humidifier. Generally, our Steller wood products are made to match a humidity of 35% to 50% RH at a temperature between 65 and 85 degrees F. These recommendations fit with other hardwood products including traditional hardwood floors and hardwood furniture. If you are looking to purchase a humidifier, many reviews are available and you can even look for ones that have digital pre-settings that only run if the room is too dry.

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