How We Protect Your Steller Floor

If you have been following us for a while, or even if you're just visiting us for the first time, you've probably noticed that we take your flooring project very seriously. Hardwood floors are a big investment, and no hardwood floor completely resists wear or changes due to water or humidity. Problems with permanently installed traditional nailed or glued-down flooring often become too expensive or too inconvenient to fix and so folks end up living for decades with floors they hate.

Our goal is to provide you with solid hardwood flooring that you can love. Our flooring is easy to install and easy to repair, plus we take important steps to ensure that our flooring is infused with as much quality as possible:

1. We start with great materials. Using high-quality lumber and water-based sealants, we start with materials you can trust to have few defects and have the lowest possible VOC ratings that we can find. These decisions both lengthen the life of your floor and ensure that the chemicals are as safe as possible for your family, friends and pets.

2. We educate our employees. Our employees are more than just workers, they're craftspeople in training. We spend a significant amount of time both training staff on their jobs and educating them on the finer qualities of wood. Our employees learn about different wood species, grain directions, milling techniques, and the interactions between wood and water. As a consequence, our employees are also each invested in making sure you receive the most beautiful, best quality floor possible.

3. We seal our flooring on all sides. Our flooring has two- to three- polyurethane coats on the surface of the floor, which provides industry-leading resistance to wear. Then, we apply a waxy sealant on all of the other surfaces of the flooring to help it resist quick changes due to moisture. All of the chemicals we use are safe and are easy enough for you to use yourself if you needed a touch up.

4. We carefully pack your order for shipment. There's no use crafting an incredible floor if it can easily be damaged in shipment. So, all of our flooring is packed carefully with a board list, wrapped to resist water in case of rain, and is safely stored in a crate on a pallet. All of our shipments are sent with call-ahead appointments and lift-gate service and they are insured in case of an accident.

5. We guarantee our work. Our flooring is guaranteed to meet National Hardwood Flooring Association standards upon delivery--which means your boards will be completely flat and free of defects, ready to install--and we will replace them if they aren't. We also guarantee the flooring clips for 20 years, so go ahead and show off to your friends by pulling up a single plank from the middle of the room!

Learn more about the benefits of Steller Solid Hardwood Floors in our recent Fine Homebuilding Highlight, see how we make the flooring in our shop on our YouTube Channel, or follow us on Instagram to see more of our daily activities!

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