How We Make Your Floor Steller

Making hardwood flooring is our specialty at Steller Innovations, and we are focused on a level of quality that is hard to find in the broader market. To achieve a floor that will last a lifetime, we use three specific processes to add value to our flooring planks.

First, we choose only the highest quality lumber. Wide and flat planks come from trees that are fairly large and straight, and the boards have very few defects. Defects are usually caused by grain irregularities and knots from where branches used to be -- and these defects could cause your floor to warp in the long-term.

Second, we remove any remaining variability by choosing sections of the board that are clear and have few defects. At the chop saw, we remove any existing bends in the boards that could affect the processing of the product or the final floor that we send to you.

Third, we joint the boards (pronounced "join" without a "t"). Instead of using a simple planer that presses the boards flat, we use a jointer to find a very flat section of the board within its natural shape. This process is extremely rare in the flooring industry because it requires skilled labor and a significant time investment, but it also assures that the boards will be well-behaved in the long-term.

As you can see, we don't take shortcuts when we are producing Steller Flooring. Check out the video to see it all at work in our flooring woodshop!

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