Dogs and Hardwood Flooring. The Real Truth.

We have a strong love of pups here at Steller, as do many of our customers! But most people aren't entirely sure that their dogs and a hardwood floor will be compatible. The truth is that all hardwood floors will show signs of wear if you have a clawed pet running more than about 20 lbs running around on them (or a toddler on the loose). However, there are some wood flooring options that will be better choices than others for pet owners, and they are easier to maintain in the long run if you choose a Steller floor.

Flooring "hardness" is measured on the Janka scale. This scale represents the amount of force that would be required to embed a steel ball up to half it's diameter into the wood. In more practical terms, it describes the wood's likeliness to dent or scratch when force is applied in your home (i.e. those dog claws we were talking about). Four of the North American hardwood species that we offer rank from most to least hard in the following order: Hard Maple, White Oak, Red Oak, and Walnut.

Of these species, Walnut is the only one that we would seriously recommend keeping away from your pets, because it is significantly softer than the other three. And to help whichever wood flooring you choose live its best life, we also recommend selecting a high wear polyurethane finish for protection. It may also be useful to have carpets on hand for known "Tokyo Drift" areas in your home!

Now, we won't discourage you from enjoying both your pets AND the warmth and beauty of hardwood flooring. Instead, if you're nervous about pulling the trigger on a hardwood flooring purchase, check out the ease of removing and repairing a damaged board with the Steller system! With any other floor you would be looking at $5 per squarefoot for refinishing the entire space (which your refinisher will demand), or just living with the damage.

With a Steller Hardwood floor, you can pull a single board up to be refinished painlessly if the scratch is in the urethane. You can also move a board to a hidden area, buy a new replacement board at the squarefoot price, or you can have the whole floor sent out to be re-finished. It is even possible to sell your lightly used floor, and change the style to a different one! So, even if you have pets or toddlers on the loose and you're still nuts about natural solid hardwood flooring, we're confident that no other product on the market will have the same ease of installation, refinishing and repairs as a Steller Hardwood Floor!

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